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A nationwide steeplejack company that specializes in the unique needs of churches and church steeples

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Inspired Heights exists for the sole purpose of bringing glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the maintenance, repair and restoration of His church.

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My name is Tony Stratton and I am a third generation steeplejack and president of Inspired Heights, Inc. a steeplejack company that specializes in church steeples.

As a steeplejack contractor my company of trained steeplejacks can offer affordable, less intrusive, solutions for your church steeple restoration project.  more

church steeple repairs

Steeple repairs are often neglected due to their precarious positions. As a steeplejack company...  more

church steeple painting

Your steeple is a statement of faith to the community. Let our steeplejacks give a fresh coat of paint and declare...  more

Church Steeple roofing

Few roofers can accommodate the challenges of a church steeple roof. As a steeplejack company...  more

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