Inspired Heights, Inc

A nationwide steeplejack company that specializes in the unique needs of churches and church steeples

Tony Stratton

3rd Generation Steeplejack

About the owner

serving the lord and his church


As a third generation steeplejack Tony Stratton wanted to specialize his skills in serving the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. Offering the Christian community affordable solutions to the unique needs of churches.

our mission statement

Inspired Heights exists for the sole purpose of bringing glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the maintenance, repair and restoration of His church.

as a steeplejack company inspired Heights are master riggers and high work specialists

As a steeplejack company we are church steeple specialists but the steeplejack services we provide allow us more than just access to your church steeple. As master riggers of a steeplejack company we are able to offer affordable solutions to the most precarious projects on or in your church.


Imagine having your sanctuary renovated without having to move out for a few months or interrupting the weekend service. Or perhaps having your windows painted and maintained with having to set up costly scaffolding. Then imagine a steeplejack company that can work on your church steeple, hundreds of feet in the air, without the expense of a crane.

Can you imagine such a company? Have you been looking for one?

Search no more... you have found Inspired Heights.

Providing steeplejack services to churches for over 20 years.

Inspired Heights, church and church steeple specialists.

Inspired Heights, your church's steeplejack company!

Inspired Heights, restoring churches for the glory of God!

A Steeplejack Company

1994 Tony Stratton started a new steeplejack company


Originally called Tony Stratton: Steeplejack it grew to become Inspired Heights, Inc. a nationwide steeplejack company and church and church steeple maintenance, repair and restoration specialists.

The steeplejack company expanded to include all phases of interior and exterior church and church steeple restoration. The steeplejack services of Inspired Heights advanced them as a national leader in church and church steeple maintenance, repair and restoration.

Inspired Heights, Inc.